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Lactic Acid Bacteria Can Improve Sleep Disorder

Extract lactic acid bacteria can improve sleep disorder caused by mental stress. The Japanese researcher mix one kind of lactic acid bacteria “SBL88 lactic acid bacteria” which has strong physiological activity with the fodder for laboratory rice in accordance with the proportion of 0.5%. After feeding the laboratory mice with this fodder for four weeks, the researcher again exerted mental stress that can cause sleep disorder for two weeks, and then tested their activity level.

The testing result showed that in the midnight, the decline trend of activity level of mice that has absorbed “SBL88 lactic acid bacteria” obviously been contained. While for those mice that do not have lactic acid bacteria fodder, it was quite difficult for them to sleep in the day and so the sleep was insufficient and infected the activity level in the night.
After intensive study, the researcher found that this is because one kind of gene that related to sleep has been controlled. “SBL88 lactic acid bacteria” are like many other lactic acid bacteria, therefore, other lactic acid bacteria also have the similar effect.

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