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Take Advantage of “Time Difference” When Having Fruit

There are rich nutrients and bioactive substance which is beneficial to life in fruit. The benefits of fruit have been around for a long time. “Have a fruit every day” is the healthy dieting standard of many people. But, how to eat fruit can we guarantee to absorb nutrition sufficiently and also would not affect the body? You should pay attention to time and learn to “grasp time difference”.
Suitable fruits in the morning: apple, pear, and grape

Having fruit in the morning can help digest and absorb which can help relax the bowel. What’s more, the sweetness and sourness of fruit can make people all day energetic. The gastro and intestines of human is still active after a night’s rest but the digestive function is not strong. Therefore, fruit with weak acidity and astringent, such as apple, pear, and grape are very suitable to have in the morning.
Inappropriate fruit before breakfast: cherry tomatoes, orange, hawthorn, banana, persimmon
Some fruits cannot be had with empty stomach before dinner, such as cherry tomato, orange, hawthorn, and banana and so on. There is soluble styptic in cherry tomato, and if had with empty stomach, it will combine with gastric acid and then increase the pressure in stomach and cause distending pain. There are a lot of organic acid in orange and if you had it with empty stomach, it is easier to gastrectasia and acidity.
Hawthorn is sour and having it with empty stomach will cause stomachache. There are rich potassium and magnesium in banana and having it with empty stomach will increase the magnesium in blood and inhibit the cardiovascular system. Persimmon has the effect of convergence and will form persimmon stone when it meets with gastric acid which can not be digested or ruled out. Having too much persimmon with empty stomach will cause symptoms like nausea and vomit.
Suitable fruit after dinner: pineapple, pawpaw, kiwi, orange, hawthorn
The bromelain in pineapple can help digest protein, supplement insufficient digestive enzyme in human body. Have little pawpaw after dinner can help prevent gastric ulcer, gastroenteritis, indigestion and so on. Kiwi, orange, hawthorn, and so on all are rich in organic acidity, can increase then activity of digestive enzyme, promote fat decomposition and help digest.
Midnight snack to sedate: dried longan
Have fruit in the evening not only is bad to digest but also will cause excessive heat and then lead to obesity since there are rich sugar in fruit. Especially having high fiber fruit before sleep will cause the gastro and intestines full of food and so affect the sleep. As for people who have a bad gastrointestinal function, it even damages human body. But if you cannot sleep well, you can have several dried longan which can help sedate and make you sleep better.

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