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Three Kinds of People Cannot Drink Mung Bean Soup to Resolve Heat

When hot summer is coming, people like to have a bowl of icy mung bean soup which is quite wonderful. Mung bean soup not only can help resolve summer heat, but also can relieve heat. But there are three kinds of people that cannot have mung bean soup and should pay attention to this.

1.the elderly, the children and people with poor health
Since there are much more protein in mung bean than in chicken and most protein only can be absorbed by human body when it turn into small molecular peptides and amino acid under the function of enzyme. The gastrointestinal digestive function of this kind of people is quite poor, so it is difficult to digest mung bean protein in a short time and so is easier to cause diarrhea due to indigestion.
2.people with cold attribute quality
This kind people refer to those who have symptoms like cold limbs, abdominal distension and diarrhea which are not suitable to have mung bean soup too often. Their situation will be aggravated and may induce other diseases if they have mung bean soup.
3.people who are having all kinds of medicine
The detoxifying function of mung bean originates from the combination substance of protein and organic phosphorus and heavy metal. However, these detoxifying ingredients also will dissolve medicine and affect the cure.

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