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Three Tips Help to Delay Viscera Aging

Viscera aging also demonstrate outside. When all the organs in human body begin to age, it means the human body goes toward end. Then how can we delay the viscera aging rate? Here are three tips telling you how to increase your lifetime.
1.have more food with much vitamin E
Food that is rich in antioxidant compound such as vitamin E, vitamin C, carotene and polyphenols can prevent the free radical response over reacting in human body and reduce the aging rate of body; food that is rich in dietary fiber can promote intestinal tract movement and reduce the absorption of cholesterol, prevent from chronic diseases and so delay lifetime. In addition, have more mild food, water, fresh vegetable and fruit and have less spicy and junk food in daily life.

2.guarantee sufficient sleep
Go to sleep in advance of 15 minutes to build a dark environment to help sleep. In addition, guarantee eight hours sleep everyday, and had better not have coffee after three o’clock in the afternoon, and do not surf the internet three hour before your sleep since even marvelous news is as important as your skin.

3.do not drink and smoke
no matter what you are doing now, you have to be responsible for your skin in the future. Smoking can be called as the top killer for keeping a perfect skin and excessive smoking will damage the collagen and elastin.
Drinking also is the killer for skin. one glass of wine can accelerate the blood flow, and long time alcoholic behavior will cause your skin loose. What’s more, having too much sugar is also not good to skin which doesn't mean your waist will be fatter but excessive sugar will affect your skin badly.

Besides, keep a good mood and take more exercise, moderate massage which all can promote blood circulation and delay viscera aging.

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