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Two Million Mites Run Wild on Your Bed Sheet

Abstract: mattress, carpet, blanket, pillow, fabric sofa, curtain, chest and so on are all best place for hiding mites. You can find more than 6,500 mites in a pillow and a mattress even can hide two million mites.
Dust mite is a kind of eight-feet, 0.02 mm long monster that you can not see with your eyes which is most common in your living room. It feeds on human perspiration, secretion, and falling scuff. It likes warm, damp and dark environment most (20-30 centigrade, 50-70% humidity) which is quite similar to human living environment. The breed ability of dust mite is amazing. The female mite can produce 25 to 50 eggs once a time, and three-week is a breeding circle. As long as there is dust mite in your living room, it is very difficult to remove them completely.

The breeding peak of dust mite is in summer. After a summer’s breeding and producing, the amount can be at the most. Therefore, when the autumn comes, if you use the new mattress, clothes without air-curing, cleaning, the dust mite hiding in it will make trouble.
Harm human body
According to a research of UK, about 90% asthma children are allergic to indoor dust mite, and 80% asthma, allergic rhinitis, dermatitis are related with dust mite.
The main reason for dust mite causing allergy is that its secretion, excretion, and the decomposed product of its dead body all contain over 15 kinds of harmful protein in different forms with diameter only about 10 micrometer. These harmful proteins can be absorbed into human lung, and become allergen which causes the allergic disease
Besides inducing asthma, dust mite also can induce allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, and allergic skin disease. Allergic conjunctivitis mainly performs like eye itching, tearing, red eye, palpebral comjunctiva bleeding and swelling up and so on; while allergic rhinitis mainly performs like running nose, sneeze.
Advice for preventing mite
Open the window for ventilation often to keep a dry environment and so let the mite have no place to breed.

Clean and air-cure clothes often, especially when changing bed sheet according to the season. Do not use it as long as you take it out; you should scald it again and air-cure it in the sunshine. When change the bed sheet, do not shake the bed sheet in case that the mite fly all over the place.
There had better be no carpet in bed, and do not make carpet on the floor indoors. Also, you had better do not put tapestry thing on the wall which can accumulate a lot of dust.
When do cleaning, you had better mop the floor rather than sweep it in order to avoid the dust mite be absorbed by human body as the floating air. In addition, pets like dogs and cats also are breeding place for mite, so people who used to have allergic disease had better not keep pets.
What should we do if there is mite?
You can go to the dermatological department or the department of allergy to take inhalant allergens inspection. The most common methods nowadays include peck needling and blood drawing test that both can take the result the current day.
If your symptom is slight, you can have some antihistamine like loratadine, cetirizine, and chlorphenamine maleate orally, and have itching paste, anti-allergic or anti-asthmatic drugs externally.
If the situation is a little serious and repeat again and again, you should take vaccine desensitization therapy which can improve the symptoms effectively or even cure it after a year and half or two years cure.

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