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Ways to reach your life limit

       Sun bask on the seaside
A3.3-year increase in life expectancy
People whod on't expose to the sun often may face many risks. Columbia University's research shows that lack of exposure to the sunlight may lead to depression or other problems, such as alcoholism, suicide, and so on. Going to the beach and bathing in the sun will get you out of the dark mood. Studies have shown that five consecutive days of sun basks and 30 minutes a day can cure more than half of patients with depression.

A7.2-year increase in life expectancy
Milk is a natural anti-aging the most nutritious food for the body. Clinical trials have confirmed that milk have many functions, such as supplying energy, making the skin more energetic, reducing pain, alleviating allergies, accelerate the recovery of the body and cheering up the moods.

Giving praises
A2-year increase in life expectancy
University of Pittsburgh's researchers found that being grateful heart will makes you live more happily and healthily.

A10-year increase in life expectancy
Humor can make you healthier, happier and live longer. Norwegian University has confirmed that people who have a sense of humor have 30% lower risk of suffering from major diseases. Laughter can make people produce more protective hormone to regulate blood pressure, reduce stress and strengthen the immune system.

         Measuring blood pressure regularly at home
A25.2-year increase in life expectancy
Do not wait till your body goes wrong to measure your blood pressure. Now, people usually buy a blood pressure monitor to have self-test. A person who has a relatively low blood pressure (115/75) lives 25 longer than a person with high blood pressure (140/90). If your blood pressure is too high,you should have regular exercises, reduce the intake of fat, salt and wine, avoid thrilling game such as roller coaster.

Keeping a dog with you
A 11.5-year increase in life expectancy
Keeping a cat or dog around with you can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke,lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Using dental floss
A 6.4-year increase in life expectancy
When you use dental floss, you not only pick the residue out, and also prevent your teeth from fouling. Men with dental disease history has a 63% higher possibility of suffering from pancreatic cancer.

Joining a football team
A 11-year increase in life expectancy
Joining a soccer team can ease your mental tension and impact your physiological in a positive way. It can also prevent the body from premature aging. Regular exercise can also give you a lot of benefits, such as keeping strong muscles, enhancing your heart functions and increasing your lung capacity.

Changing to another country for living
A 6.4-year increase in life expectancy
If you think the domestic ecological environment is not suitable for life, then change another country to live in, such as Europe. If you really want to live longer, then go to Andorra. There is almost no pollution where the average life expectancy has reached 83 years.

Finding a life partner
A 9.5-year increase in life expectancy
Divorce is really not a good idea as your life will be even more lonely afterwards. The Rockefeller University's study showed that the divorce will accelerate the aging of leukocytes. Stable sexual life can balance your life and enhance your longevity.

High-speed operation of mind
A 5-year increase in life expectancy
The important rule of thumb of keeping the mind clear and agile is never stop using it. The study shows that the effective nervous system movements can delay aging and dementia. People whose brain is always active are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer's disease. Playing games, reading books, surfing the Internet or learning make your brain operate at a high speed.

         Checking the prostate regularly
A12-year increase in life expectancy
Prevention is better than cure. There are a lot of people who ignore all the possible signs of diseases, especially reproductive disease, prostate disease. "It has already been a long time since they affected with prostate diseases. If they can come for early treatment, the cure should not be that difficult, but millions of people have prostate disease and most of them don't realize it."Dr. Banks said, he is the author of " man manual ".

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