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3 tips for sleeping

One person , one pillow.
Investigation shows that people who use one or two pillows are more likely to fall asleep than those who use three. Sleep experts advice us not to use the pillow which is too thick. In the ordinary circumstances, 10-12 centimeters is advisable. A lot of families will put many pillows in the bed. They are good to sit on but they are not placed in the right place. If one usually do reading, Internet surfing or playing the cellphone in the bed, it'll make them hard to fall asleep. Too many thing in the bed can also cause psychological pressure and affect one's sleep quality.

Folding the quilt after getting up.
Investigation shows, people who fold up their quilt every morning after getting up have better sleep quality than those who don't. Two-thirds of the people think that having a clean and tidy bedroom is equivalent to a good night's sleep. Experts think that a good environment of the bedroom can make asleep much easier.

Changing the sheets every week.
Researches show that 78% of people think that bed sheets with fragrant smell can make them sleep more comfortably. Experts propose that we should change our bed sheets every one week. We should be aware that the detergent we used for weekly cleaning should be with light and familiar smell. If we choose lavender-scented detergent, it can help relieve pressure and promote sleep.

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