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4 Misunderstandings on denture

Misunderstanding 1, Dentures can be used for life
Dentures do has its expiry. According to introduction, the main material of the denture is plastic, so there exists the aging problem. Normally the service life of denture is about three to five years, and the life of porcelain dentures will be a few years longer,which is around ten years. Even five years later the denture can still be used, we should throw it away.

Misunderstanding 2, Dentures do not need cleaning
The elderly are the main group who use dentures, abut the oral health of the elderly are mostly poor. The thickness of oral cavity mucous membrane will get thin, dry, atrophy and less elastic with the increase of age. The saliva secretion will also be reduced and it is easy for the food residue to stuck between the oral mucosa and denture, so it is important for denture wearers to develop the correct dentures cleaning habit.

Misunderstanding 3, Cleaning the dentures with toothpaste
Our real teeth have good hardness and density but the false teeth are made out of the resin material of small hardness. They look very smooth, but there are a lot of invisible to holes and cracks on the surface which we can see by naked eyes. Use of toothpaste for cleaning will broaden the slits between the dentures, which is more advantageous to bacteria breeding.

Misunderstanding 4, alcohol can sterilize the dentures
For organic polymer compound like plastic, alcohol is the best solvent which can shorten the life of denture, so it is generally strictly prohibited to use alcohol to soak the dentures. Dentures should be put in water, but if there is food residue, bacteria will also breed as water does not have bactericidal effect. We can special dentures cleaning liquid to soak the dentures.

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