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4 ways to prevent cancer

Good attitude-- the most essential
Cancer cells information can be transmitted to the brain through body fluids and nerves, the cerebrum will then make adjustment for the tumor growth through the nerve and endocrine immune system. That is to say, the nervous system is capable to influence the process of cancer development. To put it easier to understand, thought and mentality play an important role in the development of tumor .

Giving up smoking - undoubtable
The international authoritative oncology monographs has list smoking, virus, chemical and physical factors as the four causes of cancer. Research has shown that a third of the cancer are caused by smoking. In cancer prevention, there are only 3 items, among which smoking comes in the first place and food and chemical prevention the second (in chemical prevention, trace element selenium is of great significance).

Anti-inflammatory - the most basic
In recent years, scientific researches found that inflammation and cancer have a lot of similarities. Many cancers are developed on the basis of the inflammation. For example, smoking -- tracheitis, silicosis -- lung cancer, gastritis, helicobacter pylori -- gastric cancer, hepatitis b, hepatitis c -- liver cancer; cholangitis, stones -- bile duct carcinoma. Therefore, the prevention and control of infection and chronic inflammation is also very important.

Proper exercises - the most economic
Cancer is not about some local parts, it is about the whole body. Therefore, improving the body immunity and resistance is very important. In addition to adequate rest, proper exercises are indispensable. It is reported that, appropriate exercise can reduce the incidence of colon cancer and breast cancer. We can do exercise such as walking, swimming, climbing etc.

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