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90% of the home conditions have exceeded the limits

Originally air conditioning is supposed to bring comfort to us but it now has become the cause of disease. A few days ago, a study by the China disease control center, Shanghai disease control center and Fudan University has showed that the bacteria in 88% of the air conditioning cooling fin and the mould in 84% of the air conditioning cooling fin have exceeded the standard. The highest exceeding rate can be 1000 times higher than the normal standard.
The research has concluded the families in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. Among them, 96.2% know filter pollution, but only 30.2% of the users know fin pollution. Thus it can be seen that people have neglected the air conditioning cooling fin.

The thermal fin, as one of the core parts of air conditioning, besides accumulating dust, It will breed bacteria, mould because of the damp environment, such as staphylococcus aureus and other pathogenic bacteria. When using air conditioning in the summer, people usually keep the doors and windows closed. The indoor air circulation will be very poor. when wind carrying germs that the air conditioning blows enters human body's respiratory tract, it is easy to induce respiratory system diseases, such as cold, pneumonia, etc.
Statistics indicates that nearly half of the people in the world are suffering from indoor air pollution. 35.7% respiratory disease, 22%chronic lung disease and 15% bronchitis, bronchitis and lung cancer have been induced due to this cause. In the sources that cause indoor air pollution, air are non-neglectable. Branch of China preventive medicine association has conducted an experiment: place two bowls of rice with the same amount on a table under the air conditioning, one bowl covered and the other one uncovered. Close the doors and Windows, turn on the air conditioning. 72 hours later, the rice being covered has only some slight discoloration but the one uncovered has already got large mildew spots.
It is suggested to wash both filter and thermal fin. The filter can be taken down for clean but the thermal fin can't. We can buy canned air conditioning cleaner for both cleaning and disinfection.

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