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Define amount of yogurt helps reduces the fat on your underbelly

If you do a lot sit-ups every day for weight loss on the underbelly but there are no signs of improving You might as well considering whether you have unproper dietary habits. The best food to reduce the fat on the underbelly should be rich in fiber content, antioxidants and protein. Studies show that those who absorb the protein from dairy products ten to have flatter underbelly.
Most of the yogurts contain the fungi that can promote people's digestive system function, reduce the occurrence of abdominal distention, constipation and make your underbelly look flat. But nutritionists generally believe that the calory content of yogurt is higher than that of milk. Generally speaking, 100 grams of milk contains 57 kilocalories of heat. Every 100 grams of sugar-free whole milk quantity of heat of 62 kilocalories of heat, every 100 grams of sugared skim yogurt contains about 72 kilocalories of heat. The main reason for increased quantity of heat is that during the process of making the yogurt, much sugar has been added in.
So, for those who want to lose weight through having yogurt, mind that you cannot have it as much as you want. For those ladies who cannot resist the temptation of yogurt but at the same time have fear for being fat, choosing skim yogurt with low calories is the wise way to do. Although this kind of yogurt is not as strong and mellow, it contains even less fat than milk. You can also try to DIY the yogurt. You can add some fruits on the top to improve the flavor.

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