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Eight kinds of dreams indicate diseases

1, Dreaming of that someone or monster knocks your head, or pours liquid into your eyes, mouth, ears, ect.
Prediction: you may suffer from brain tumors and diseases of the nervous system.

2, Dream of hearing strange sounds.
Prediction: there may be some lesions in the auditory center or hardening in the nearby angiogenesis .

3, dreaming of airway being stuck, unsmooth breath and asphyxia.
Prediction: there might be something wrong in the respiratory system .

4, dreaming of being chased, there is fear in the heart but you cannot scream out or you can move. After waking up from the dream , there is still ex-marxists, sweating and accelerated heartbeat.
Prediction: it might be may be insufficient blood supply in the heart coronary artery.

5, dream of walking instability, body distortion and heavy limbs accompanied with asphyxia feeling, sudden waking up
Prediction: it may be the precursor of angina pectoris.

6, dream of falling from somewhere high, but wake up with a start before hitting on the ground.
Prediction: it may be the beginning of the heart disease.

7, dreaming of water scene, such as flood, swamp, drowning, etc.
Prediction: there may be something wrong with the hepatic system and kidney

8, dreaming of being beaten, feeling pain in the position being beaten after waking up.
Prediction: it indicates problems in the corresponding viscera.

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