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Five "don't"s after drinking

1. don't sleep immediately after drinking
Alcohol is digested by liver. If one immediately goes to sleep after drinking when the metabolism of human body is slow, one tends to have alcohol liver. It is suggested that one use cold water to wash the face and then rest for a while. After drinking too much, don't slide to sleep immediately when you feel sleepy because you may never wake up if it is heavy alcohol poisoning. Under this kind of circumstance, one should have the accompany of the the family. Every two hours one should be waken up once for boiled water or honey water, until one gets completely sober.

2.Don't take anti-alcoholic drug after drinking
Although anti-alcoholic drug can temporarily let a person get rid of drunken symptoms, it actually will extend the drunkenness time. It is suggested to drink large amounts of water, in addition, one can also drink some sports drinks to complement the electrolytes, drink low-acidity orange juice to complement vitamin C and keep the normal blood sugar level.

3. don't sleep in electric blanket after ddrinking
After excessive drinking, the temperature regulating function will be in disorder, the quantity of heat loss increases and it is easy for people to feel chilly. At this time one should keep warm, but pay attention not to sleep in the electric blanket, especially those with high blood pressure,coronary heart disease or cerebrovascular diseases. After drunking, there will be vascular expansion, heart rate and metabolism acceleration, elevated blood pressure, which makes it easy to induce myocardial infarction, angina pectoris and other diseases. If you feel cold, you can use duvet or hot water bag to keep you warm. Drink a little hot water with mild temperature.

4. don't drink a lot of coffee
A cup of coffee after alcohol will aggravate the water loss in the body. Strong tea will make the heart too excited, which is adverse to the kidney. Don't drink soda, otherwise, it will speed up alcohol absorption, iducing acute gastritis.

5. don't take antipyretic drug after drinking
Alcohol and most drugs will produce chemical reactions, and is likely to generate toxic substances, especially antipyretic. The tylenol in the medicine will produce toxic substances which can lead to liver inflammation and even permanent damage. If you have to take the antipyretic drugs, it is suggested to take ibuprofen 1 hour earlier the next . In addition, cephalosporins antibiotics and antihypertensive had better be avoided.

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