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Five bad habits shorten your life expectancy

Male chauvinism
Compared with easy-going men, men with "male chauvinism" are more likely to choose unhealthy ways of living, leading to premature death.

Love for popcorn
The aroma of popcorn butter mainly comes from a chemical called diacetyl, if people have absorbed overmuch, serious lung disease may occur.

Over-developed bust
Women with big breasts may have 5 years less of life than her life expectancy. Because big chest circumference are likely to cause joint pain, headache, obesity and diabetes.

Early retirement
People who retire at the age of 55 have 89% more incidence of passing away within two years after retirement than those who retire at the age of 65. The researchers contribute this to lack of exercises and life goal.

Neglecting dental health
Failure to use dental floss for teeth cleaning will not only increase the danger of suffering from odontopathy, but also cardiovascular diseases, shortening the life expectancy by 6 years.

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