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Five magical effects of warm boiled water

1, hangover alleviation
After drinking, one doesn't have to drink strong tea to solute the wine nor eat an orange. Drinking some warm boiled water, and the problem will be solved. Warm boiled water can effectively dilute alcohol, protect the liver, and supplement the water loss due to vomiting.

2, choking alleviation
When you accidentally get choked by some food while eating, drink some warm boiled water as it has lubricant function which can be a very good opening up for the food stuck in the throat

3, preventing cardiovascular disease
A glass of warm boiled water after getting up in the morning helps to promote blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular disease. However, the effect of other water like honey water and carbonated drinks is not as good.

4, protecting the teeth gum
The study found that the best temperature for teeth metabolism is 35 degrees, so it is best to use boiled water for brushing your teeth. If the water temperature is too high or too low it is easy to cause bleeding gums and spasm, shortening the life of teeth.

5, cleaning the mouth
Warm water is mild, clean and with little excitants small. Using boiled water for gargling helps to remove food residue in the oral cavity and eliminate oral bacteria.

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