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Getting rid of eye troubles by massaging 5 points

1, Massaging the the temple to eliminate eye bags
Eyes bags are actually warning you that the skin around your eyes are getting loose and there are some problems in skin metabolism. At this time, stimulating the temporal, can promote skin metabolism.

2, Massaging eliminate eye edema
When one has drunk too much water and has caused extra burden to the kidney or slept poorly , the puffy eyes will appear. At this time, we need to activate Yuyao Point to accelerate detoxification and drainage ability of the eyes and eliminate edema as soon as possible.

3, Massaging Chengqi points to whitening the eye circles
The stimulation of light and computer plus frequent stay-ups will lead to melanin accumulation around the eyes. Massaging chengqi point can promote blood circulation, promote the mutual impacts of melanin molecules, fastening metabolism and discharge the melanin quickly out of the body.

 4,Massaging Tongzi Point to eliminate eye wrinkles
In dry seasons, the skin around eyes will lack nourishment, plus that the eyes are constantly in fatigue, eyes wrinkles thus will appear. At this time, one need to massage the eyes balls for enhancement of skin's water keeping ability and iron out the wrinkles.

        5,Massaging Jingming Point to relieve eye fatigue
If you feel dryness, foreign body and swelling feeling in the eyes and your eyesight is declining, massage Jingming Point can be conducive.

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