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Seeing cancer from your teeth

Periodontal disease can cause heart disease
More and more evidences show that periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease ahas very close connections. Gum inflammation can increase C - reaction protein increased, and C - reaction protein is considered to be a pathogenic factor of heart disease.
Researchers have found that the bacteria in tooth spots can clog the arteries. We thought it to be only a causal factor in the past but now, it seems that it is actually a pathogenic factor.
Oral bacteria may spread through the blood circulation to everywhere of the human body, causing diseases, which is why the doctor would suggest considering solving the oral disease first for the acute surgical patients.
The American heart association will no longer advice the patients who suffer from mitral valve prolapse (the heart valve can't closed completely in ventricular systole) take antibiotics before their oral disease is cured, because in the regular teeth cleaning, my teeth cleaning even food chewing process, the oral bacteria may enter blood circulation system at any time.

Concealing Aids by oral check
The American heart association, the American medical association and the American orthopedic surgery association advice the patients to take a pill of antibiotics one hour before seeing the dentist.
Some dentists say that they need to know the latest situation of the patients after taking medicines. Anticoagulants can cause massive haemorrhage in oral cavity , double phosphate drugs often used in the treatment of osteoporosis can cause necrosis in jaw bones. Before oral surgery, these two types of drugs must be temporarily withdrawn.

Antihypertensive, calcium channel blockers and some anti-inflammatory drugs can cause serious gum ulcer. Antidepressant, chemical therapy can lead to dry mouth, resulting in saliva secretion, thus cause tooth decay. In this case, we can add some fluoride.
The disease control and prevention Center of United States advices the dentists to provide AIDS virus (HIV) detection, because some early symptoms of Aids can be found in the mouth, including fungal infection and oral disease loss. The dentist only need to take samples from the patient's mouth for inspection. There will be a result 20 minutes later.

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