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Seven working syndromes

1, Monday syndrome
When you are going back to work on Monday after the weekends, you may have some problems like pain in your body, cachexia and work efficiency. For the white-collar workers, it is hard for the brain to be under tension again after a long time's relaxation. Many companies like to make decisions on Monday which will make it more stressful.

2, computer syndrome
Sitting in front of the screen for long and keeping the same sitting position can cause headache, pain in the waist, neck and shoulder, eye fatigue, mental exhaustion. If the symptom is light, one can't see the picture on the screen, if it is serious, the person will feel like vomiting, have cramps, blackout which can be life-threatening.

3, light source syndrome
Many people get used to work when the lights are all on, but light can also bring damage. People will have optic fatigue after long stay in the light. The lights lack of ultraviolet ray which may be likely to cause senile fracture caused by calcium deficiency and infant rickets. The experts think that the intense light-wave of a fluorescent lamp can lead to a large number of genetic denaturation. Excessive exposure to the light can virtually disturb the biological clock, causing human psychological rhythm disorders and low spirits.

4, time syndrome
Time syndrome refers to the mood swings, physiological change phenomenon caused by excessive attention on time change. Nowadays, the fast paces of modern life make urban white-collars feel that time is never enough. Preoccupation to one's career will bring him excessive fret and tension, causing heart rate increase, elevated blood pressure and shortness of breath.

5, staying up late syndrome
The rich and colorful city night life has attracted more people to join the ranks. Some people form the habit of staying up late. Clinical experiments have confirmed that in the long run, this kind of lifestyle will cause the disorders in one's nervous system and endocrine system, therefore leading to poor appetite and insomnia.

6, box lunch syndrome
With the fastening tempo of work, more and more white-collars rely on box lunch which has brought hidden troubles. The stores which sell box lunch may lack food hygiene condition and nutrition knowledge. They may often use strong spices. If one often eats food like this, pharynx pain, oral ulcer, toothache, abdominal distension and constipation may occur. In addition, eating some meat wihch are not fresh will lead to stomach and intestines problems if it is taken in a long term.

7, night snack syndrome
The activity of parasympathetic nerve which dominates gastrointestinal function is more active at night. The absorption ability of the stomach and intestines is stronger. Eat too much food of high calories at night will cause obesity, insomnia, memory decline and poor appetite in the morning. Due to insufficient sleep, the biological clock will be interfered, the function of the nervous system will be in disorder and it is easy to induce neurasthenia, high blood pressure and canker, etc.

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