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Teeth whitening method for men who smoke

Method one: dentifrice
There are a lot of dentifrice on the market, you can try to buy some for use and see the effect after a week. If your teeth are originally yellowish, then you should ask for help from the dentist.

Method 2: ultrasonic cleaning
Dental calculus is likely to cause the accumulation of plaque, causing gingivitis and periodontal disease. Ultrasonic cleaning mainly aims at clearing tooth calculous, it also has teeth whitening effect. Thick layers of dyeing can be also cleaned through ultrasonic cleaning . But it is the concave holes, slots, or the linking parts, the dyeing will not be easy to be removed.

Method 3: active teeth bleaching
Put10% of carbonate hydrogen peroxide, with the aid of tooth bleaching denture palate, place it firmly on the teeth. As the drug action time grows, the color of teeth will gradually be white.

Method 4: laser
Bleaching the organic pigment in the teeth into hydrophilic structure with no pigment. Using highly dense bleach (H2O2) and special material aggrandizement--hydrogen peroxide to achieve the bleaching effect.

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