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Tips for improving your immunity in autumn

1. Be discriminate in taking medicine
People with Yin deficiency can take some American ginseng, shashen, dwarf lilyturf, fruit of Chinese magnoliavine. People with Yang deficiency can take some pilose antler and Gui Lingji . People with Qi insufficiency can choose ginseng and astragalus root.

2. Abstinence and sperm conserving
During the days with high temperature, try to appropriately control the sexual life to prevent excessive consumption or injury of kidney essence, and reduction of the body resistance.

3. Beware of cold.
In the dog days, should both prevent heat and sun stroke and cold. Don't stay in the room with air conditioning on for too long. The temperature should not be set too low while you are sleeping. Pay attention to indoor and outdoor temperature difference to prevent numbness in the hands and feet ,joint pain,and other diseases caused by cold invasion.

4, keep good ventilation in the room
If there is much dampness in the room, it is suggested that keep ventilation of the room to take away the dampness. If the sir outside is alo very damp, we can turn on the electric fan, air-conditioning to keep the air convection.

5, eat less food sweet food
In the environment where the dampness is high, don't eat the food that may do harm to your spleen or stomach. For example, cold food and cold drinks. Those who like to eat sweet food should also pay attention not to eat too much of it.

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