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Tricks to get rid of the little embarrassment

1. Blushes after exercises
Blushing is a result of rising temperature after exercises. New York dermatology experts Lydia Evans suggests placing a wet towel onto the neck,which helps with vasoconstriction and lowering the temperature. Using cold water to rinse the face also has the same effect. If you feel hot in the face while doing exercises, you can also spray some cool water onto the face.

2. Puffy eyes and eyes bags
Dermatological department expert Deborah suggest wrapping an ice tube with a towel and cover the eyes for 10 minutes if there are puffy eyes. Chamomile can diminish inflammation, gauze which has been soaked in cool chamomile tea can eliminate eye bags. In order to prevent the eyes bags, we can will increase the thickness of the pillow.

3. Nails fracture
Nails are too fragile, too soft or are prone to fracture after soaking in water for long. We can cut a piece of tea bag and cover the fracture nails with it, then apply some nail liquid. Uncover the surface once the liquid gets dry. What we need to pay attention to is, while washing the dishes or using cleaner, we should be sure to put on rubber gloves.

4. Sunburn
Dip some lemonade in with cotton buds and apply to the sunburn area. In doing this, sunburns can be relieved and the cutins can be removed. We can also use some soda powder for circle massage on the moisturized skin.

5. Drying the hair fast
When drying the hair with a dryer, be sure to blow the hair roots first. If we start from the hair on the surface, the water beneath the hair will seep out and the surface hair will be repeatedly wet. If we start from the hair roots, the problem can be avoided and the drying time can be reduced to 2/3. It is better to wipe the hair dry with a towel before using the dryer to blow it in order to avoid the harm caused by the dryer to the hair.

6.pillow dents after sleeping
We can use warm water to rinse the face and apply some moisturizer to massage the dents area and the dents will disappear. Silk pillow is better than cotton one in preventing the dents.

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