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Weight loss of local, cope with pear type figure scientifically

"Pear" type and "S" type are running in the two opposite directions, and at present many scientific results show that obesity not only influences self image but also have hidden trouble on health . Do some exercises according to the lower half fat

1, Strictly control the intake
The quantity of heat that use up is more than the quantity of heat that absorbs is a scientific way to lose weight, so in well-fed situation less intake is also very important, especially in fat intake, on a diet stage we should intake fat as less as possible, eat more fruits, vegetables, etc.

2, Cultivate good posture
Recent scientific research found that "beer belly" has no relationship with "beer", but has direct relationship with our posture, the working people who sits for a long time are easy to get the beer belly, so even if we need long-term sitting, we still need to keep stick our chest out, and suck in the abdomen.
Rome wasn't built in a day. Every day, eating a little more can not have much influence to our body shape. but as time passes the figure had the more and the more changes. Every day to eat less a bit, pay a little more attention to the sitting position, changing the pear type to S type is just a matter of time, reducing weight believes in the power of persistence.

3, Appropriate aerobic exercise at a fit time

Scientific research shows adipose accumulation has the close relation with dinner , so dinner should not be too full, here basically said is choosing aerobic exercise time problem. In the dinner influencing adipose accumulation condition, not enough exercises is the point, so it is easy to produce the adipose accumulation. Then "right time" we mentioned above should be arranged after the dinner, the aerobic exercise's emphasis is not on the "quantity" but the "time", do some relatively easy movement on the lower body while you're watching TV for 40 minutes or more, and the 1 hour, is the best, gradually you will find the power of persistence.

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