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You don't easily gain weight if eating after exercise

There will be large amount of glycogen consumption in the muscles after exercising, so the enzyme which synthesizes glycogen will be improved a lot after 1 ~ 3 hours in order to intake carbohydrate fast and promote muscle glycogen recovery. So the point that "absorption ability is good" is true, but the point that people will easily become fat is wrong, because at this moment the carbohydrates will be first used for synthesis of glycogen, and won't easily turn into fat due to the energy metabolism environment.

If want to eat carbohydrate food, such as bread and rice without getting too fat, you should have them 40 minutes after exercise. It is important to remember not to skip the supper and wait till the next day for food as the loss of glycogen and protein hasn't been supplement although there will be a sharp weight loss. The muscles will be damaged and the basal metabolic rate will become low if you continue doing this.

A lot of people think that they may gain weight if they eat after exercise. But weight gaining is majorly due to eating too much. Many will think it is nothing to eat much before they do exercise since they will consume much energy in the process of the movements. In the end , the calories they intake are far more than the calories they consume. After the movements, we can choose the food which contains carbohydrates or protein to help the muscle's glycogen restoration and muscle synthesis, such as rice cake, bread, milk, fruit .

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