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Avoid overeating when you get emotional

Overeating to ease emotional stress is a major pitfall for dieters. For some people, when they feel some negative feelings such as sadness, upset or pressure and there is nowhere for them to vent, they will turn to food. Eating much after they have got those feelings can help them relive themselves a little bit by the satisfaction they get because of the flavor of the food and also distraction when they focus on something else instead of the unpleasant feelings. For those who have slim figure already. It doesn't matter much if they are doing it once in awhile when they are not in the good mood. But for those who want to lose weight. Especially those who cannot control themselves once they start eating. It can hinder the weight loss plan. After you have done this for once, you may continue finding excuses for yourself that you are not in the good mood and decide to treat yourself once. Well, then you will never stop and your weight loss plan will never work out . You may have the risks of having more fat instead.

Many women are used to having ice cream to soothe the pain of a break-up, or a fight with their significant other. They will end up worrying about being overweight and not being able to follow through the diet. So, rather than eating to numb the pain, you should try exercising, writing in a journal, or calling a friend or anything else that makes you happy instead of causing you extra fat. If you can stick to your diet in a stressful situation, then you will be able to feel more confident that you will be able to meet your weight-loss goals. Handling stress is an important test of a dieter’s will and determination.

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