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Common Exercises to lose weight

Exercising can only be fun when it’s easy or less strenuous. Trying out a variety of exercises and choosing the best one for you is a great way to start off or vary your daily exercises routine so you don’t end up getting bored. Below is a list of exercises to lose weight.

1. Walking is absolutely the top of the list of this “exercises to lose weight guide” simply because it is very easy and less stressful for beginners. Walking for about 30- 45 minutes a day is actually equivalent to eating approximately 2-5 hamburgers in a day.

2. Jogging is two times more effective than walking since you burn fat faster. You must be careful when jogging as it should never be overdone. Start out slowly with short distances and increase the distance progressively as you become fitter.

3. Biking is an easy and effective exercise, as your body does a lot of physical movement while biking. For those of you who want a more intense workout, riding uphill or against the wind would be a better biking strategy.

4. Swimming is an easy weight loss exercise which also burns fat fast because it involves the entire body. This is a good low impact exercise for people with arthritis, musculoskeletal, and/or weight limitations. The water’s buoyancy accommodates the unfit, cushions stiff joints or fragile bones that can be injured by the impact of land exercises.

5. Dancing is a fast and easy way to lose weight, as it can be very enjoyable. There are various types of dancing from different cultures, learning a few different types of dancing styles can make your exercise more interesting and fun.

6. Doing sit-ups are very effective in burning belly fat. Some of you might find this exercise a bit difficult but you can start off by doing half crunches and then progressing to full crunches.

7. Cardiovascular exercises (cardio): exercises that involve the large muscles such as the leg and shoulder muscles. Cardio helps to make your heart and lungs stronger. This exercise has lots of health benefits like lowering blood pressure and burning calories.

8. Aerobic exercise is just a different name for cardio exercises which involves workout that stimulate your heart rate and pumps oxygen rich blood to the muscles to keep you moving. This makes your heart and lungs work harder and strengthen them at the same time.

9. Mountain/Wall climbing/hiking are all good forms of exercises to lose weight easily and fast but in some instances, they can be very dangerous. You should be alert and fully prepared with the right tools and equipment required for this type of exercise.

10. Yoga is a traditional, physical and mental discipline exercise originated in India. It is one of the oldest forms of exercise still in existence. Now it has become popular as a kind of low-impact physical exercise and is also used for therapeutic purposes as an addition to western medicine.

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