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Why do you fail at losing weight?

A problem that many dieters will face is that they just cannot keep on to to the plan . After they have gone a week without indulging in any fried fast foods, and then break down and go to the local burger joint for some fries and a burger. Then, they will figure that since they have already screwed it up, there’s no reason to try to eat well the rest of the day. That day leads to the next day, the next week, month, etc and then it enter into a vicious cycle. At this point, your weight loss plan can never work out. Do not seek for excuses and think it is acceptable pamper yourself for going off the diet plan once in a while – sometimes you just can’t help but satisfy a craving.There is no way you can meet your insatiable hunger and thirst.

We beat ourselves up so much over one mistake that we allow ourselves to believe that all of our efforts to get fit were a waste. Instead of turning a small negative into a huge one, turn it into a positive. If you eat a brownie sundae after lunch, put in some extra time at the gym later, or take a brisk walk after dinner to burn the extra fat that you have taken in.

Well, there are accidents sometimes. When we fall out of our regular daily routines due to an illness, it can be hard to get back to business when we feeling better. If you have been home in bed with the flu for a week, then you dread going back to the gym. It is okay to take it easy for yourself right after you recover, but you should at least do something to stay physically active and on track with your weight-loss goals, such as taking a jog, or doing some laps in the pool.

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