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Why do you lose weight?

Many won't understand the sorrow of the fatties because they have never been fat! There are a lot of people who just cannot get it why people are trying so hard to lose weight and try to keep a slim figure at the costs of no matter what. Is it really necessary to be so fastidious with how they look? Have we ever thought of the reasons behind? Women are the feverish followers of fashion and beauty. When the fat cannot fit in the clothes that they like and they look at all the slim bodies passing by wearing the fashionable clothes, they feel endless bitterness inside their heart. However, this is only part part the reasons why being obese brings so much trouble.

Slim girls tend to have more admirers and when the boys see the fat girls, they will keep a distance to them , which makes it saddening. Watching your good friends step into the temple of marriage, you have really mixed feelings. Or you used be really slim before you give birth to a baby. After that, everything starts to change. You get all the dewlaps and unwanted fat on your body. Then all the worries will come to you that your husband might just leave you like that. You might also on a disadvantageous side when you are going for an interview or in working. The fat are just having a tougher time getting hired or promoted because of their appearance.

You may have tried a lot of ways to lose weight but they all turn out to be of little effects.Life is just not that much fun just just because you have that much fat

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