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Drinking Coffee to Lose Weight

You may drink coffee every day out of habit or in the aim of refreshing yourself. But you may take it for so granted that you may neglect the weight loss effect that it actually has on your body. Coffee contains caffeine which has the function of promoting steatolysis, therefore drinking coffee can also help you to lose weight. But you may wonder why you drink coffee every day but your weight just stays all the same or even keeps increasing. You might want to ask yourself if you are having the coffee without sugar. Sugar for sure can make you fat. And when you are drinking the sweetened coffee, it doesn't really help. In addition, it is suggested not to add milk to your coffee either out of weight concerns.Generally speaking, four cups of coffee without sugar and milk may help you achieve ideal body weight. But what worth mentioning is that this method is unfit for people who have indigestion, acidity and insomnia.

If you really are not accustomed to bitter taste of coffee, you may add little milk but not add sugar, because the sugar can hinder steatolysis which is unfavorable for fat burning. Compared with the ice coffee, hot coffee is more effective as it can help you consume calories more quickly.Coffee's fragrance can keep you calm and enhance sense organ's sensitivity; therefore drinking a cup of coffee can improve your working efficiency and stimulate your desire of losing weight.

Coffee is only auxiliary for sure if you really want to lose some weight. After drinking coffee, your weight loss will have better effect if you do some exercises. For instance, walking for 10-15 minutes; going to office by stairs instead of elevator or doing other exercises.

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