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Food to Be Added into Your Diet for Weigh Loss

Have you ever experienced dizziness when you are going on a diet or trying to remove some high-fat or high-calorie? This is the result of lacking enough nutrition when you are consciously avoid certain things which may contain the nutrition that your body needs for basic metabolism. The point is not about what to avoid in your diet, but about what is the right food to eat. The following food to be introduce will not only help you lose weight, but also give you good complexion.

Lettuce contains much fibre, which plays the role of eliminating excess fat. So it is good for losing weight. In addition, lettuce has the functions of hypnosis, lowering cholesterol and treating neurasthenia. You can have lettuce in three meals. It is both delicious and very beneficial. It is very convenient to make it as you can have it just the way it is without cooking. It is also good to cook it but pay attention not to cook it for long.

Tomato can reduce heart attack. In addition, nicotinic acid in tomatoes can maintain a normal exudation of gastric juice, promote the formation of red blood cells, help maintain the flexibility of the vessel and protect the skin.Compared to immature tomatoes, natural ripe tomatoes contain more nutrition and better flavor. So it’s best to choose natural ripe ones. So, if you are afraid of losing moisture when you are losing weight, tomatoes are definitely an ideal choice.

Zucchini contains more vitamin C, glucose and other nutrients, and high content of calcium particularly. Moreover, zucchini is rich in moisture, so it has the role to moisturize the skin. But it is important to note that raw Zucchini should not be eaten. Don’t cook for much too long in case of nutrition loss.

Asparagus Compared to other vegetables, asparagus contains softer fibre, more vitamins and trace elements. Besides, asparagus is rich in folic acid. It will supply you with rich vitamin and trace elements to eat one dish asparagus. First of all, cook entire asparagus, so that you can maintain nutrition to maximum extent. In addition, its head is rich nutrition. So when cooking, put asparagus together and let its head upward to maintain nutrition.

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