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Homemade yam diets

  Yam and apple juice
Materials: 15 g of yam powder, 1 apple, 250 ml of milk
1, wash the apple clean, peel it and then cut the apple into a small dices.
2, put the yam powder, apple dices and milk into the blender.
3, you can add proper amount of sugar and water according to personal preference for better taste.

  porridge of white lablab beans and yam
Materials: 30 grams of fresh yam, 10 grams of lablab beans, 20 grams of rice, a small amount of sugar
1, wash the rice, lentils clean
2, wash the fresh yam clean, cut it into slices after peeling.
3, Pour a proper amount of water in the pot, wait till the water boils, put into the rice and lentils into the pot. Add some sugar into the pot until they are throughly cooked.

  Porridge of coixseeds and yam
Ingredients: 50 g of fresh yam, 20 g of coixseeds , 3 red jujubes, 10g of Chinese wolfberries and 80 g of rice.
1, soak the yam in salt water, and the coixseeds in warm water for half
2, Cook the rice until the water boils, add the coixseeds which have been soaked and continue cooking for 15 minutes.
3, add yam, red jujube and wolfberries. stir well , keep cooking for 15 minutes until the yam slices get soft.

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