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How to accelerate your fat burning rate?

Stand on tiptoe for 1 hour
Standing consumes 84kj more than sitting for a hour. Tiptoe standing can can make the ankle slim and fit.

The best is that holding 7 seconds a time.
Doing stretching exercise should choose your own condition.Losing weight by stretching exercise, you must insist on it.If you give up, it may create a contrary effect.

Dancing for 1 hour
For one-hour hop dance, you can consume 836kJ, which is the maximum amount consumed the day. Keep doing for more than 20 minutes can be effective. The body will be very good if you do it once a day.

30-minute foot massage
Acupressure is very effective for control of appetite.
Massage your feet with hot water before soaking for 15 minutes can be more effective.Within half an hour after the massage you should drink warm water from 300 to 500 ml.Fullness or hunger do not massage.

Hot bath
Cells can be actived in the 37 Degrees Celsius water,and speeded up metabolism.Bathing in the water comfortably,can promote the sweat discharge effectively.

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