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Running backward fastens slimming rate

Exercise physiologist pointed out that running backwards is originated in the 1970s. It not only helps to shape thigh, calf and coxal muscle, it can also improve the coordinating abilities of the various parts of the body and improve the reaction speed. Researchers at the university of South Africa Stan bush Lin found that it also can promote cardiovascular health.

Researchers at the university of Oregon found that people who like to run backward can achieve the same heath keeping effects by running at only 80% of the speed when they run frontwards. So, it is of very excellent benefits for people of all the age ranges. But as running backward is not as easy as your traditional way of running, you may nee dot not note the following point:

1. Choose flat and broad road with the straight line distance from 50-100 meters. You should check the road condition carefully before going for running in case of and visual blockage.

2. It is best to practice with partner, especially beginners. It will not only increase the fun, but also you two can remind each other in case of stumbling.

3. When you are running backward, you can keep your body tilting back a little bit but you should not turn your head backward. At first you can take it as warm-up, when your body gets used to this way of running, you can increase your the time length and the running distance.

Positive self - suggestion is actually a very good way to go in "losing weight". Keep telling yourself that you can achieve the goal that you have set for yourself and you will get motivated and keep on carrying out your weight loss plan.

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