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Six meals a day, keep the obesity away

1,7 am
After getting up the first thing to do is to prepare a cup of warm lemonade with a little honey move into warm water, after getting up, drink can not only play a refreshing effect, citric acid and honey can clear intestines and stomach toxin, supplement moisture loss of night, always all day.
2.the second meal from the morning for breakfast
After washing gargle is the breakfast time, ready to whole wheat bread 2 slices, lettuce and celery all fifty g, half an apple, an egg and a little chicken. Put the fruit and vegetables with juicer into vegetable fruit juice, eggs and chicken with boiled ripe eat white beheaded. This breakfast is not only of rich nutrition, which can meet the needs of the work one morning, quantity of heat also is very low, is not easy to get fat.
3, am, noon lunch break first meals
This time is the most awkward, if you feel the hunger never hungry, because the intestines and stomach emptying a long time will not only mucosal injury, can let more is lunch absorb too much heat and get fat. Prepare some rich in unsaturated fatty acid of nuts, such as cashew nuts, peanuts and almond, feel hungry to eat a two goal, because full abdomen feeling is very strong, so will not produce too much heat.

4, noon wanted to eat lunch in the fourth
This noon meal very key, you must be in the meal supplement enough carbohydrates. In order to supplement the energy consumption in the morning, for the afternoon work energy reserves. Lunch should try to choose fish or poultry meat as first, tie-in tofu, vegetables and potatoes, add enough vitamins and starch, of course, rice is indispensable, about fifty g consumption is the best.
5, afternoon hold afternoon tea fifth meal
Afternoon's work more difficult than in the morning, because the body is tired at this time in the state, set afternoon tea is mainly in order to improve work efficiency, reduce the intake for dinner to avoid get fat. So afternoon tea should choose to compare and delicate food, such as fresh fruit, yogurt, these food can supplement the body moisture, promote the blood circulation slow weary feeling, and very low quantity of heat is negligible.
6, PM dinner meal, afternoon 6
One day last meal, should all be simple. After work almost no greater energy consumption point, so if dinner eat too much can cause heat overweight, these cannot use up quantity of heat will deposit into fat. Yi porridge, red bean porridge is dinner can select the best burning fat food, tie-in clear burning of vegetables and fruits, you do not feel hungry, also need not worry about the evening eat too much fat.

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