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Weight loss after Christmas

During the Christmas and New Year's day, dinner parties come one after another. The dishes are mostly very heavy and rich in calories. Even if you have very good control over what you eat, you will inevitably gain some weight. After stuffing a variety of foods into your stomach, it is very necessary to clean your bowels and discharge all the toxins in the body. How do you do it the? Now we shall talk about several points on your diet that you can follow to get your life back to track.

Have more water
Drinking water regularly each day can alleviate the hunger that you have so as to avoid overeating during meals or snacks. Every day, you should drink at least 1.5 litres of water. By doing this, you can avoid kidney fatigue and ensure the effectiveness in the filtering work. Vegetable soup, fresh fruit juice, vegetable juice, milk and so on can supplement the water you need. Drinking certain beverages, such as carbonated drinks (Badoit), peppermint or chamomile tea agent after meal can promote digestion.Sufficient water is also a necessary factor in digestion . Therefore, after the unbalanced diet, drinking more water is very beneficial.

Keep regular exercises
Exercise is better than disorderly diet for you to burn the fat. Going on a diet blindly can lead to lack of vitamins and minerals and put you into a lot of health troubles. People who do two or three times of exercises a week can gradually strengthen their muscle tissues, thus increasing the demand of the body for heat. That is to say the your fat consumption has been increased and there will be more fat burning. They are more likely to stay in good shape without deliberately going on a diet. If you don't love go out yet have made up your mind to go for some movement, you can do some simple stretchings at home or some indoor activities that helps to accelerate your metabolism rate. You should know that an hour of gymnastics, swimming or cycling can let you burn 400 calories of heat while the same time of reading can only consume 150 calories. It should dawn on you that only persistent working outs will effect its performance. Grab every chance to move your body instead of staying sedentary.

Stop eating snacks
In most cases, you don't have snacks because you are hungry, you have them because you are so greedy for food and your palate gets so itchy for feasting. Or sometimes you just eat out of boredom, depression or stress, that is what we call emotional eating. If you have snacks before the meals, especially those containing single carbohydrate such as candy, chocolate, dessert, etc can increase the secretion of insulin. This kind of hormone can cause fat storage and weight gain.

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