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Avoid three kinds of water in the morning

The health of the human body requires the maintaining of moisture balance. In theory, you should drink seven or eight glasses of water per day. Drinking water is especially crucial for women as sufficient water can keep their skin moisture and smooth. Drinking a glass of water after getting up in the morning is very important, but you cannot do with any kind of water. We should mid not to drink the following water in the morning with your stomach empty.

1, boiled water being kept for long
If the boiled water has been kept for long, the organic matter which contains nitrogen will be decomposed into nitrite constantly. There will likely be bacterial contamination, at this time, the organic matter which contain nitrogen will decomposed faster.The nitrite can react with the hemoglobin and affect the oxygen transport function of blood. So, he water kept in the thermos bottle for many times, the water which has been boiled for several times cannot be drunk any more as the composition has been changed. The water should be boiled for once once and you should drink it within 24 hours. In addition, bottled pure water, or mineral water also should not be stored for too long.

2, brine
Some people think that drinking salt water is good for their health, so they start to drink salt water in the morning after they get up. It is true that having some salt water is helpful to one's health but it is only necessary after you sweat a lot in the summer or after exercise. So it is no use drinking salt water after you get up in the morning. Physiological studies suggest that during th night time, one doesn't take in any water while breathing, sweating and other water consuming activities are under way. There is much water loss after a night's sleep. The blood is in a concentrated state. At this time, if you drink a glass of plain water , the blood can be diluted effectively. Bu if you take in some salt water at this time, the condition will be worse, the hypertonic dehydration will be aggravated. Besides, in the morning, the human body will meet its first blood pressure peak, drinking salt water can increase the blood pressure and hazard our thealth.

3, drinks
The first glass of liquid you have in the morning had better not be the orange juice, coke, soda, coffee, milk etc on the market. Carbonated drinks such as soda and cola contains citric acid which can accelerate calcium discharge, reduce the content of calcium in the blood. Long-term drinking can lead to calcium insufficiency. Some drinks have micturition function which will cause water insufficiency in the body.

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