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What stops your weight loss?

People tent to eat more and exercise less these days. Statistics shows that over 90 percent of the subjectives think they are too fat than desired. In the past, we regard fatness as a symbol of good fortune and happiness. But with the improvement of people's life quality, there has been an increasing number of fatties and obese people. Nine out of ten will think that they are fat. Among which 68.53 percent think they are a little fat and 25.15 percent think that they are too fat. As to the reasons of fatness, forty percent think that it is a result of insufficient exercises and 35.4 percent think that it is due to overeating. What are the fundamental challenges to weight loss? The first barrier to being lean, fit and energetic for life is your feeding behavior. Weight loss does not automatically “fix” issues or problems with feeding behavior. Often, losing weight makes issues with feeding behavior worse over the long haul. The second barrier to being lean and fit for life is aging. As you get older, it’s easier to get fatter. If you want to be lean, fit and energetic for life you better start thinking about how your machine is aging. Weight loss does not solve the problem of age related weight gain.The final barrier to being lean, fit and energetic for life is what we here at metabolic damage. Metabolic damage is simply damage to your bodies energy maintenance and utilization systems.

Follow the right weight loss methods, write down the reasons that you want to go on this diet and change your lifestyle, and write down what you commit to doing to achieve your goals.Always remember that the greatest enemy you are facing in weight loss is actually yourself. Once you have controlled your mind, you can surely control your weight.

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