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Wrong acts in losing weight

Having only vegetable soup on weekends

Balanced and varied diet can supply the nutrition that your body needs for basic metabolism. If you drink only vegetable soup, the most basic nutrient elements will be in short supply. Although having such a diet for a long time can achieve the purpose of reducing weight, but it will cause damage to the muscle tissues, produce fatigue and bury a lot of potential health problems for you. When the protein in food (meat, fish, dairy products and eggs) is too little or none at all, the body will be forced to mobilize the protein that stores in your muscles. The result is that your muscles become very weak.

If you want to be in shape, maintaining normal diet which is rich in vitamins and minerals is very important. Of course, moderate reduction of fat and sugar is very necessry. In a week-long diet, for example, you must include the following food to your menu:

1, fish, lean skinless poultry (chicken breast meat, for example) or roast beef (to supplement the protein);
2, a lot of vegetables (to supplement minerals, vitamins and fiber). You can have them just the way they are or cook them. Remember not to add too much oil or butter into them in case of excessive fat intake.
3, some bread or starchy foods: pasta, potatoes, beans and so on (containing complex carbohydrates which can make you have feeling of fullness);
4, dairy (to supplement calcium): half skim milk, fruit flavor or skim yogurt, fresh cheese with 0-20% of fat content;
5, fruits ( rich vitamin C).

Skipping a meal every day
No matter which meal you do not eat, it can cause some discomfort, such as hunger or even low blood sugar reaction. At this moment, your body will make up this deficiency. As a result, in the next few meals, it will be difficult for you to control the food intake and you will be easily seduced by snacks. It doesn't seem to really help with your weight loss plan. Instead, you health will face some health irregularities due to your improper diet.On the contrary, if your eating habits are quite regular and balanced. The body will timely digest what you have eaten and make preparation for the next meal. Researches show that more fatties are found in those who don't have regular dietary habits or those who always skip a certain meal. Therefore, if you want to control your weight, it is best to adjust your eating habits and bring it back to the healthy track.

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