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Arrange regular and balanced diet for your weight loss

1, Have some meat for breakfast
After a long night's sleep, the fat in the body grease will store energy for the body. The fat can be consumed by your activities in the daytime. At this time, you can eat some carbohydrates which release the energy gradually. Do not go for the food that contains much sugar, or else before long there will appear the phenomenon of low blood sugar, and then you will eat more. So, it is better not to have thin skin bread, buttered bread or croissant for breakfast. The suitable food are cheese, eggs, bacon, buttered toast (or whole wheat bread, bread stick). Fruits are not the ideal choice for breakfast, meat is actually good to have at this time.

2, Have fruits before lunch
We usually have fruits after we finish lunch. You should actually have some fruits and lettuce before you have the dinner so that the nutrition absorption during the noon will be faster. Try to eat more food that is rich in protein like meat, fatty fish and starch food (potato, etc.) as they can make you energetic in the afternoon.

3. Enjoy the afternoon tea
If you give up the afternoon tea in order to lose weight, then you might be a little too harsh on yourself. You can some fresh fruits or some dried fruits or chestnuts. The snacks can keep you in good mood for the whole afternoon. You will feel the fullness in the stomach and it is less likely for you to eat more in supper.

4. dinner matter a lot for fat accumulation
In order to prevent fat accumulation, we should have some fish, seafood, white meat (easier to digest than red meat ), boiled vegetables. You had better not eat sweet food at this time, i.e., don't eat starch food, beans, desserts or alcohol in order to avoid sugar storage in fat cells. In addition, you should have some fiber food or cellulose to help absorb the excessive water in your body as as to avoid edema the next day.

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