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By age choose appropriate thin waist method

A, 18 - 24 years old: Exuberant hormones secretion, good time for waist slimming
It is actually true that the younger you are , the easier it is for you to achieve your slimming goal. At this stage, your body is still growing and the body circulation metabolism is very active. The nutrition absorption and poison discharge are at their highest efficiency. Because of this movement You can receive good effects by doing very simple movements. If you have got dewlaps on the upper area of your navel, you can do some simple hula hoop exercises. Every day before going, keeping doing 5-8 minutes' hula hoops and you can reduce 5 cm of your waistline. , for students are still in the period of the girls is the most suitable, to give it a try.

If you have got more dewlaps on the abdominal area. You can help your body burn more fat by massaging it. Take your naval as the center, rub your belly clockwise and counterclockwise, each direction for 36 times. Rubbing clockwise helps accelerate digestion, discharge toxins in the colons and small intestines; Rubbing counterclockwise helps improve intestinal absorption function and reduce the possibility of nutrient converting into fat probability. Stick to this massage to your belly every day before you go to sleep and within a month, you will see dramatic changes.

Second, 25 to 35:The metabolism rate slows down, balanced diet is cruicial
After a woman gets 25, her metabolic function gradually begins to decline. When they have reached 30, they will meet the lowest metabolic rate. So it is the best time to give birth to a baby before thirty as a large quantity of toxins and wastes will be discharged from the body during the parturition, giving them a chance to re-regulate their mechanism. During this period, relying solely on exercises will lead to little results. Paying attention to the thing that you eat is very important.

Foods which are too oily, sweet or meaty are not suitable women of this age range as they cannot consume or decompose that much fat they have taken in. The toxins inside the body will not be discharged as easily as when they were young. It is better to have the food that sis rich in protein and poor in fat content. Replace the soft drink with fresh vegetables or yoghurt. Eating regularly and healthily is the key to stable metabolism and being slim.

Three, above 35 years old: Ensure adequate daily physical activity and have light meals
Because of cosmetics and good skin care, many women over the age of 35 still look very young. But they have entered their middles age after all, their metabolism and blood circulation will slow down. At this time, if they want to lose some weight, regular exercise is very beneficial. At the same time, they should stick to light meals in case of excessive fat intake and accumulation.

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