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10 benefits of hot towel compress

1, relieve eye fatigue
Hot towel compress can promote blood circulation around the eyes, relieve eye fatigue,alleviate eye dryness.

2, prevent deafness
Cover the ears or rub is gently can help improve ear blood circulation, prevent functional deafness caused by blood insufficiency.

3, alleviate dizziness
Putting the hot towel on the back skull for several minutes every time helps stimulate the acupuncture point, can alleviate the symptoms of dizziness, improve the reaction and thinking ability.

4, relive neck stiffness
For slight stiff neck, we can cover a hot towel to the affected part and accompany it with some neck movement. Gently move your neck toward different directions.

5, prevent and control of cervical spondylosis
Early symptoms of cervical spondylosis, such as neck stiffness and pain after being affected by coldness can be relived by having hot towel compress. It helps promote the blood circulation, relieve muscle spasm and prevent cervical spondylosis.

6, relieve chronic lumbar pain
Lumbar pain with a towel hot compress can alleviate some symptoms. If the case is serious, you should go to the hospital.

7, alleviate hip pain
For hip muscle stiffness with slightly dull pain and stinging pain, you can lie down on the bed and apply hot towel compress to the affected parts.

8, treatment dysmenorrhea or cold sex abdominal pain
Dysmenorrhea or abdominal pain due to cold invasion can be relived by hot towel compress .

9, sprains and injuries
During the injury stress period, you can not carry out hot compress but after 2-3 days, if there is no bleeding or swelling, you can apply hot compress to relieve the symptoms.

10, clear the injection lump
Gently apply the hot towel to the injection lump. Each time for 30 minutes accompanying with massage to enhance blood circulation.

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