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Detoxification acts

Brisk walking
If you are an office worker and really are too busy to go to the gym. You can also take simple forms of exercises. We have to walk every day, so all we need to do is to speed up when walking. It is the most simple and convenient way for detoxification. It can stimulate the lymph and reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure. In recent years, "fast walk" is considered to be the most simple, economic and effective aerobic detox exercise.

As the growth of the age, our body metabolism slows down and the detoxification ability abates. We should prevent outtake outnumbers intake. If there is too much of nutrients intake no not enough consumption of excess calories, the nutrients can turn into "junk" and accumulate in our body. Brisk walking is beneficial to preventing constipation and sweating a lot after motion is the best way to detox.

Cough can clean the lungs
Dust, metal particles and toxic substances in the exhaust gas can enter into the lungs through breaths. They can damage the lungs, and affect other parts of the body through blood circulation. It is suggested to breathe deeply where the air is fresh and clean. Make a cough or two can help expel the toxins out of your lungs.

Laughing enhances immunity
When you laugh to your heart's content, cortisol which causes the stress hormone and epinephrine start to decline and your immune system and detoxification ability will be strengthened. This effect can last for 24 hours.

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