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How to flatten your belly?

If you always stay sedentary, the fat on the belly will accumulate easily. How to get rid of the annoying bulgy belly that you have? Let's take a look.

Stand for half an hour after meals
If you keep sitting unmoved after meals, the fat will easily accumulate on the lumber and belly. This is one of the major reasons for your fat belly. Standing for half an hour after meals can save you from the trouble of fat gaining.

Do yoga exercise
Yoga helps perfect your figure and is beneficial for local part weight loss. Every day, you should go for 30 minutes of yoga exercise with regular abdominal breathing. This helps to shape your figure and at the same time, your bulgy belly will become flat.

Keep the abdomen in tension
Consciously keep your belly in tension, whether you are in the bus, walking or sitting. Remind yourself as much as possible to keep your belly in. This is one of the most effective ways to keep the fat on your belly burning. You don't need specially spend time to do i, so it is very worthwhile to give it a go.

Move often
Many are too lazy to do exercise and others just don't have the tie for it as they are fully occupied with their work. Lack of movement will lead to poor body elasticity and flexibility. The chances of the toxins being discharged outside the body will be lessened. If it has been long since your last workout, you should consider doing some simple aerobics to help your body with fat burning and toxin discharging.

Bend down to pick up beans
After dinner, take 15 minutes' rest and then cast over 200 soybeans on the ground and start to pick them up one by one. Bend down with your legs straight when you pick up the beans. After you have picked up one, put it into a basin and bend down to pick up another one. Keep doing this exercise repeatedly and you will see the slimming result. What is worth mentioning is that you should not eat too much during supper.

Stand against the wall
Half an hour later after a light meal, find a wall and lean against it with the back. Keep the hips clamping and try to stick your head, back, hips, waist, legs to the wall as close as possible.Keep the position you will soon feel tire in your lumber part. Don not stop at this time, keep doing this for 15 more minutes. If you stick to this method for a week, you will be able to see some results.

Relieve pressure
Excessive pressure will increase cortisone secretion, a stress hormone. This kind of hormone can lead the body fat to the waist . It is actually one of the biggest cause of fat belly. Pressure can also lead overeating which can undoubtedly make you fat. Taking a walk, listening to music and doing deep breaths are all good ways to relieve your pressure.

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