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Diseases that men need to caution

Cardiovascular diseases
Hardening of the arteries in Latin means "the worst enemy of men". Indeed, as the women have the protection of estrogen the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases is then year later than men. In addition, the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels of the heart or the brain will trigger heart attack or stroke once the blood vessels are blocked. once blocked heart attack or stroke occurs. Men should check the cholesterol level every five years after the age of 20. If something goes wrong, you should first quit smoking, then increase your exercise volume and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Liver cancer
No symptoms of liver cancer will be shown so it is difficult to aware it yourself. So you can only rely on screening. Check if you carry hepatitis b virus as soon as possible. If it is confirmed, do be sure to regularly check your liver function index and go for abdominal ultrasound examination. If you have a beer belly, it is important for you to get rid of it by dpoing regular exercises.

lung cancer.
Lung cancer is the second leading cause of death for the male in Taiwan. When you have symptoms of coughing with blood, sputum, chest pain, breathing difficulties and other symptoms, you will find it is too late for you and eight percent turn out to be on the terminal stage of cancer. No smoking can reduce the risk of lung cancer by 90% and will reduce the risk of his non-smoking wife and children from developing cancer.

One third of those who are diagnosed with gout are younger than 4o years old. Many binge and drink much when celebrating an event or going for other activities so the disease is induced. To prevent gout, one should not eat much of the insides of animals or drink too much alcohol. Once the alcohol gets into the belly, uric acid can be produced in the process of metabolism and cause gout.
Prostate cancer
Like many other cancers, prostate cancer is closely associated with one's living habits. Experts suggest that eating more red fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, red meat, grapefruit and watermelon, etc.which are rich in lycopene can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Soy milk, tofu and other soy products may inhibit male hormone secretion which nourishes the growth of alimentary tumors. The catechins that tea contains also can protect the prostate.
High blood sugar can cause damage to the kidney, heart, eyes, and nerves, and kidneys Obesity and big waist circumference are a hotbed for diabetes. So exercise and healthy diet is the way of prevention.

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