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Take medicine with only plain water

Taking medicines with fruit juice can lead to many risks
So far, studies have found that nearly 50 kinds of drugs can react with fruit juice, such as antipyretic often used to treat infantile fever, beta blockers cyclosporine, antibiotics such as erythromycin, medemycin, berberine, soda and aluminum hydroxide alkaline drugs used in the treatment for high blood pressure and heart disease, .

Therefore, before you make sure that the composition of the fruit juice will not react with drugs, you should take the medicine with plain warm water as far as possible. Do not have fruit juice or other acidic beverages.

You can only the medicine with tea under special occasions

Under general occasion, the doctor advise the patients not to take drugs for the main concern that the tannic acid in tea and the active ingredient in drugs will have biochemical reactions. Ingredients like caffeine can directly affect the efficacy of medicine.

Medicines that cannot be taken with tea
erythromycin, azithromycin; Alkaloid ephedrine, atropine; Glycosides digitalis, digoxin, ginseng, radix scutellariae; Anti-tb drugs rifampicin; Aspirin, hypnotics and other similar drugs can all react with tannic acid in tea, so one should avoid taking these medicines with tea.

The tannic acid in tea beverages can make many antibiotics lose antibacterial activity; if the digitalis taken by cardiac patients is taken together with tea, it might lead to invalid drug effects or drug poisoning;

Drugs for treatment of anemia such as ferrous sulfate and ferric ammonium citrate, digestion promotion drugs such as gastric protease, amylase, trypsin, yeast, lactasinum biofermin, ginseng, rhizoma coptidis, cortex phellodendri, ephedra, if served with tea, it can reduce the effectiveness.

Medicines that can be served with tea
These medicines are mostly Antiallergic, for example, chlorpheniramine maleate, diphenhydramine, cyproheptadine, and cold medicine containing anti-allergic ingredients will make one feel sleepy during the day. If if serve with tea, the side effects can be relieved.

Milk and other dairy products should not be taken with medicine Milk or dairy milk taking drugs may affect the therapeutic effect of certain medications. Taking the antibiotics such as tetracycline, oxytetracycline with milk can produce insoluble chelation, significantly weakening the effectiveness of drugs. What's more, taking some medicine together with milk can even lead to poisoning.

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