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How to deal with emergencies in summer ?

Face stroke washing a face, massage and drugs

Face stroke, namely we often say facial paralysis. It is due to long stay in ai-conditioned room or in front of the fan. There is excessive temperature drop in the face temperature and excessive, poor blood circulation, facial nerve palsy. Clinical manifestation is mainly facial asymmetry, eye and mouth askew, salivating, drooling, inarculateness and so on.

Countermeasures (1) Immediately leave the current environment; (2) Do self massage for the facial muscles so as to promote local blood circulation; 3. Wash the face with hot water; (4) Take some medicine for dilating blood vessels like nifedipine or go to the hospital for acupuncture and physical therapy.


In the hot summer weather, outdoor activities lessen, recessive sweating increases, potassium, sodium, magnesium and other electrolytes will be in disorder, causing body numbness. emergency. Clinical manifestation is after working or studying for a long time, there appears sudden numbness, stiffness, movement disorders and other symptoms. There can be sudden falling on the ground. One needs the help of the others to get up but there is no language and consciousness difficulties.

Countermeasures (1) immediately stop all work, study, have a rest for 30 minutes to 1 hour; 2. Use warm water to clean the body, especially the limbs and to promote blood circulation and cooling; (3) supplement drinks or fruits rich in electrolytes of potassium, sodium and magnesium. Those with severe symptoms should timely seek for medical treatment.

Cold allergy

Cold allergy is caused by frozen food for a long time of stay in air conditioned room. There can appear discomforts in the throat, teeth, gums, face, systemic urticaria, papule, macula and purpura rash.

Response (1) stop eating frozen food or drinks, quickly leave air conditioning environment; (2)Gargle with warm boiled water gargle, to restore the normal temperature of the mouth; Facial itching can be relieved with chlorpheniramine maleate)

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