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locations that can harm your health

Worst location of public toilets - the toilet in the middle
According to a study, when people go to the toilet, they tend to choose the one in the middle. As a result, there are more bacteria on the toilet button. It is better to avoid the one in the middles and go for those on both ends.

  The worst spot to cool down food - the refrigerator
If you put a bowl of steaming food directly in the refrigerator, the food will cool down unevenly. It is likely to cause food poisoning because the heat will increase the temperature in the refrigerator and lead to bacterial growth. So, before you put the food into the fridge, let it cool down itself for one hour and then pout it into the fridge.

  The worst location to put your toothbrush - on the sink in the bathroom
Sink is generally beside the toilet. There are 496000 bacteria per square centimetre on the toilet. When you flush the toilet, these bacteria can be rushed to 30 cm away or farther and contaminate your toothbrush.

Worst location to watch TV- the dining room
You will get easily distracted watching TV while eating, as a result, you will unknowingly eat too much food. Research reveals that people eating while watching TV eat much more food and for a longer time.

The worst position of hand bags The worst place to put your handbag: the dining table
People put their bags in sorts of places: in buses, restaurants, and even public toilets. That would make your beautiful handbags a breeding bed for bacteria. Researchers found that at the bottom of the bag, there are are 65000 bacteria on per square centimetre of the bag.More than one-third of the handbags carry E. Coli.

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