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Make yourself healthy

Enhancing immunity

1, Having apples together with its skin. Studies found that the apple peel contains a lot of chemicals which can inhibit breast cancer, liver cancer and colorectal cancer cell growth.

2, We should learn from the baby's way of breathing, slow, smooth and deep. Breath with the diaphragm between the chest and the abdomen rather than the chest.

3, Eat mushrooms. Mushrooms can increase the number of white blood cells and their vitality.

4, Daydreaming

Daydreaming of delightful pictures can increase the number of immune cells.

5, Laugh

Studies have found that after watching joke shows for an hour, immune chemicals within the body can significantly increase.


1, Stretching. You can do this sitting in front of your desk. Sit up straight with your hands clasping in the front. When exhaling, lift your hands, the higher the better.

2, Have green tea. Drinking green tea can inhibit the aging enzyme secretion and reduce the risk of developing alzheimer's disease.

Prevention of disease

1, drink coffee with milk instead of black coffee. Professor of human nutrition Messi Washington state university, the white foam coffee can reduce the calcium loss caused by caffeine.

2, kiss the person you love. The American dental association spokesman Dr. Murray said, kissing can increase saliva and remove bacteria cause tooth decay.

Staying away from pressure

1, Have a cup of chamomile tea. The study of Tehran university school of medicine found that chamomile tea and herbal tea have anti-anxiety effect and will cause no side effects.

2, turn off the TV before bedtime. The study of Japan's Osaka University covering 5875 adults has found that every night before going to bed, those who watch TV or use computer for more than 3.5 hours have 2 times poorer sleep quality than those who do it for less than 2.5 hours.

3, Smell the lavender. Study found that smelling the lavender for 5 minutes can relieve 24% of the pressure. It also can remove free radicals that cause cancer and aging.

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