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Tips for talking calcium supplements

In order to control the orthopaedic disease, many people take calcium tablets to supplement calcium. If they are taken on an empty stomach or along with soy products and dairy products, the stomach can be irritated.

Oral calcium requires decomposition into calcium ions under the action of gastric acid before they can be fully absorbed. The secretion of stomach acid mainly depends on the dinner time. Taking calcium supplements before or after meals is more conducive to the absorption of calcium. In addition, calcium can promote the secretion of gastric acid. If taken on an empty stomach, it is likely to cause overmuch gastric juice and cause discomfort. Alkaline calcium supplements (e.g., calcium carbonate, etc.) can also have the effect of neutralizing gastric acids. If taken after dinner, stimulation to mucous membrane of the stomach can be reduced. It is suggested that we do not take calcium supplements on an empty stomach. Calcium supplementing is better divided into a few times every day, best at three meals. Due to the absorption of calcium is at its peak at night, the effect is best being taken after supper.

Two hours before and after taking calcium tablets, one should avoid eating spinach, green peppers, cilantro and other food containing rich oxalic acid. Coffee, tea, fruit juice and carbonated or alcohol drinks should also be avoided. Otherwise it is easy to cause stone formation. Similarly, high fiber foods (such as celery, whole grains) and greasy food also can affect the absorption of calcium.

What should be noted is that calcium had better not be taken with soy products or dairy products. They can condense into bulks easily with calcium and affect the digestion and absorption function of the stomach, causing gases and indigestion. It is likely to cause milk - alkali syndrome characterized by high blood calcium, alkali poisoning and kidney damage. In addition, iron and zinc can affect the absorption of calcium. It is necessary to wait for more than 3 hours after calcium tablets before drugs containing the two substances.

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