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Don't let three parts of your body get cold

   Neck is very delicate and vulnerable. For those who have chronic strain, once they get cold, there may be vascular contraction, neck muscle spasm, nerve edema, cervical spondylosis or other other diseases which is adverse to the original cervical spondylosis.
Experts say, to void letting the neck get cold, the simplest way is wearing scarf or  turtle neck. One also can keep the chest upright and do some stretching to exercise the neck muscles.
The backache from cold and dampness for the elderly is mainly caused by the cold invasion to their waist which can be aggravated in overcast and rainy days. For women, the blood stasis caused by cold invasion to the waist can affect function of the ovarian and reproductive system.
Experts say, in addition to wearing waist band for warm, one also can relieve the discomforts through massage. Cross the hands. Rub against each other fast until they get warm, cover the Shengyu acupuncture point (commonly known as "the lumbar eye" which is located under the second lumbar spinous process).

   There are more than 200 acupuncture points in the ankles. Cold will generally invade human body through the feet. Apart from wearing socks, soaking the foot is also a good way to protect the ankles. Hot foot bath can relax tendons,enhance blood circulation and relieve fatigue. The water temperature is best at 40 degrees Celsius. Soaking the foot with some Chinese herbal medicine would be even better. The medicines which help warm the meridians are: speranskia tuberculata, capsicum annuum, dried ginger and cassia twig;  The medicines which can enhance the blood circulation are: safflower, angelica, caulis spatholobi and moxa leaf. Those who have diabetes and cardio-cerebrovascular disease should have medicated foot bath under the doctor's guidance.

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