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Maintain good oral health so as to stay away from alzheimer's disease

A British study recently find that maintaining oral hygiene is more than good for one's dental health. There is a kind of bacterium in the mouth which is associated with gum disease can increase the risk of alzheimer's disease.

British researchers found that patients with alzheimer's disease have much higher content of a bacterium in the brain than ordinary people. The bacteria is called "gum porphyrin" which is a major cause of periodontal disease. Previous studies have found that this type of pathogenic bacterium can cause inflammation associated with diabetes, heart disease and stroke risk.

The researchers explained that although the bacteria mainly live in the mouth, they may get into the brain in the process of chewing or dental surgery through blood circulation. Later, they will cause excessive immune response in the brain, making the immune system release chemicals that can mistakenly kill brain cells, ending up in dementia symptoms, memory loss and confusion.
Researchers say this result is caused by bacteria accumulation. Paying attention to oral health, and having regular oral examinations are very important.
Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia. The brain cells of the patients are  damaged. Clinical manifestations are cognitive function disorders and memory dysfunction and language obstacles. There is no effective therapy yet currently .

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